Irony Lost on Clueless Country Singer and Fans

Country music star Miranda Lambert’s single ‘Automatic’ has been certified Gold as a digital download, selling over 500,000 copies. The song’s lyrics lament about how much easier life was when things were simpler. When you had to write letters, stand in line for gas and dry clothes on the clothesline.

‘I remember when my farm equipment was horse drawn.’ said Tex Chambers, head of the Miranda Lambert fan club, ‘Things sure were easier then.’ Tex identifies with the lyrics of ‘Automatic’. ‘I’m sick of all these new fangled gadgets. All they do is make things harder.’ Tex replied via email. We asked what Tex thought about Miranda’s single going Gold. ‘Oh, it’s great!’ He gushed, ‘I downloaded it right to my iPhone first day it was out! All the folks round here did.’

But the irony was totally lost on Miranda. When we asked if she thought the fact technology was used to peddle her tunes contradicted the lyrics in her song she responded quite simply, via text. ‘I don’t know. I don’t write that stuff.’ She then paid for her gas with a debit card and drove off in her smart car.


Image via Wikipedia


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