Soda Review: Hotlips – Pear


Flavor:  Pear

Brand:  Hotlips

Made In:  The Pacific Northwest somewhere

I found it at:  Mass Street Soda, Lawrence, KS

Claim to fame:  ‘Real fruit soda’ with no added sugar, all natural, 92% fruit juice.  To quote straight from the bottle ‘Each deliciously refreshing bottle of HOTLIPS begins with fresh fruit picked at its peak from family farms in the Pacific NW.  Delicately sweet with a floral and fruity aroma, our all-natural PEAR is light and balanced with soft, smooth bubbles.’

My thoughts:  I picked this up because my wife and I enjoy pears a lot:  many varieties of fresh pears, juicy pear Jelly Bellys, etc.  And the idea of a no sugar added, all natural soda sounded awesome.  I thought this would be right up our alley.  And it’s not bad, but not all it’s cracked up to be.  When it claims to be ‘lightly sparkled’, it’s not joking.  I enjoy something with more bubbles.  And it felt a little heavy compared to other ‘sparkling juices’ like Sprizz-O or Fizzy Lizzy.  In all, the flavor seemed more like an apple juice or cider than the taste of biting into a nice, juicy pear.  But that must be my mind playing tricks on me considering it’s made of 92% fruit juice, with lemon being only other fruit juice listed in the ingredients.

Final summation:  Tasty, but not really my thing.  Mad props to Hotlips for making an all natural product (bottled in 80% post consumer recycled glass).  There’s a hippie juicing his pants somewhere over that.


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