Soda Review: Swamp Pop – Praline Cream Soda


Flavor:  Praline Cream Soda

BrandSwamp Pop

Made In:  Lafayette, LA

I found it atBuilders Warehouse

Claim to fame:  Premium Sugarcane Soda, naturally caffeine-free.  From their website – ‘Swamp Pop Praline Cream Soda combines the warm brown sugar, toasty butter, and pecan flavors of this creole confection with a traditional Cream Soda recipe to create a whole new delicious way to beat the Louisiana heat

My thoughts:  Anyone not familiar with pralines please click here for the starter course.  I am a fan of cream soda.  This is no cream soda.  This is something different.  Something better.  You still get that cream soda flavor, but Swamp Pop brings it to a whole other level of greatness.  You still get the sweet, creamy flavor of a cream soda, but with the added almost savory flavor of a praline.  You will find a nice little bit of foam too.   

Final summation:  Awesome.  You will find nothing else like it.  Another win for Swamp Pop. 

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