Soda Review: Bundaberg – Peachee


Flavor:  Peachee

Brand:  Bundaberg

Made In: Bundaberg, Queensland, AU

I found it at:  Rocket Fizz

Claim to fame:  Cane sugar, sparkling fruit drink, 5% Juice, ‘Brewed to be Better’  Been in business since 1960.

My thoughts:   Peach soda has always been a favorite of mine, as well as just about anything else peach or peach flavored.   But Bundaberg is no regular soda, it’s a ‘Sparkling Fruit Drink’ and it is brewed.  Yes, with yeast, like beer is.  It’s sweet and bubbly like a soda, but not overly sweet, like most sodas, so it’s more refreshing, while still being flavorful.  Bundaberg’s has a more natural peach flavor as well, since it’s made with real peaches. 

Final summation:  Great.  Absolutely great.  Along with their other fruit flavors; Guava, Pink Grapefruit, and Blood Orange.  Bravo.


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