Soda Review: Swamp Pop – Noble Cane Cola


Flavor:  Noble Cane Cola

BrandSwamp Pop

Made In:  Lafayette, LA

I found it atMass Street Soda

Claim to fame:  Made with pure Louisiana cane sugar, naturally caffeine-free.  From their website – ‘A traditional herbal cola enhanced with subtle flavors of plump figs, Noble Cane Cola is a delicious southern twist on an age-old favorite.’

My thoughts:     When it comes to cola I am a Coke man, through and through, so I don’t try many other colas.  To me, nothing will top it.  But when I saw Swamp Pop has a cola, I had to try it.  Their other flavors have been excellent, so I at least had to give it a whirl.  And at first, I didn’t really like it.  It’s very different.  But a couple weeks later I popped the top on another bottle and it wasn’t bad.  What I like about Coke most is it’s bite.  Noble Cane Cola is a much smoother cola, without being overly sweet like the great imitator Pepsi.  The herbal elements and figs also give it a different flavor.  Not bad, just… different. 

Final summation:  It’s not an out of the park homerun for me like their other flavors have been for me, but it’s still good.  If you are looking for a break from the norm, grab a bottle or two.  You might just find you’ll love it. 

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