Soda Review: Prometheus Springs – Grapefruit Cayenne

Image via BevNET posted by BevNET

Flavor:  Grapefuit Cayenne

Brand:  Prometheus Springs

Made In:  NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!?

I found it atMass Street Soda

Claim to fame:  Sweet & Spicy, 100% All Natural ‘The active ingredient, capsaicin boosts your metabolism and elevates your mood by releasing endorphins for a happy healthy high.’

My thoughts:     I love a good grapefruit soda.  Squirt has been a favorite of mine for years and Bundaberg’s Pink Grapefruit is simply fantastic.  And I enjoy spicy food.  My cupboard is stocked with all kinds of hot sauces and spices.  Those around me continually tell me that I will burn a hole in my stomach someday.  (whatever…) But this drink…  I don’t know.  The contrast is kind of weird.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t necessarily good either.  It was basically spicy for spicy’s sake and nothing else.  There was really no pepper flavor, which is the whole reason we eat peppers, just the burn.  About halfway through the bottle the back of my throat was burning.  I wasn’t sweating or feeling the heat otherwise, it was just burning my throat.  But the flavor was still alright enough to where I kept drinking until there was just too much discomfort to continue.  For a day or two I tried to get other people to try it, but no one else around me would.  Eventually the bottle got tossed by a room mate.  As a fan of grapefruit and spicy I thought this would be an awesome combination but somehow it falls flat.  

Final summation:  If they ever decide to put actual pepper flavor into a beverage, instead of just adding capsaicin, they might have something.  Until then, unless you are a glutton for punishment or enjoy some pain with your pleasure, I’d suggest staying away.  But with everything being said, I still might be tempted enough to try their pear flavor too.

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