Bearding: Buffalo Records Beard Combs


Kearney Nebraska is the getting the record store treatment again as Buffalo Records opens it’s doors Saturday, May 30th.  Not only they will be offering new and used records across all genres, they have these sweet beard combs as well!


Made from old records, these wide toothed beard combs are emblazoned with the cute little buffalo from their logo.  The grooves and track separations from the records they were made from are still visible, which makes me wonder if I could somehow play them…  Probably a bad idea.

The combs are flexible, but still durable.  Not brittle like some of the wooden beard combs I have had.  The wide teeth are ideal, as finer toothed combs can damage your beard.  The tooth spacing is perfect for sorting your ruck out, without getting rough.  All in all, a very functional beard comb with the added novelty of being made from old records and the sweet buffalo approving of your hairiness every step of the way.  May he be your inspiration.


These bad boys can be found at Buffalo Records, 19 E 21st, Kearney, NE, along with their selection of vinyl, stereo equipment & other Buffalo Records merchandise.  Their Grand Opening is May 30th, 2015 from noon to 9 pm and will feature live music and specials all day long.  Check it out!


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