Bearding: Woody’s Beard Oil


I am a firm believer in Can You Handlebar?‘s Initiative beard oil but when I run out (I have a lot of beard) I need a quick stop-gap to keep my mane manageable.  My wife, Erin, is a stylist so she picked me up some of Woody’s Beard Oil from the distributor where she gets her supplies.

I have used Woody’s products before, Erin has brought me home several different shampoos, body washes and hair & body washes and all have been good products.  And their beard oil isn’t bad, but… you get what you pay for.

PROS:  It’s smells like Fruit Loops and the dropper is easy to use.  Doesn’t leave a greasy residue.  Gives your beard a softer, cleaner look.  More cost friendly than most other beard oils.

CONS:  The oil itself feels more synthetic than natural, makes your beard feel almost waxy to the touch, it starts to flake off after a few hours, doesn’t provide much sheen or shine.

SUMMATION:  It’s good if you’re in a pinch, but for everyday use, open your wallet and treat your beard to a higher priced, higher quality oil.

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