Bearding: How To

Whatsafad I’ve had some sort of facial hair since high school.  Starting small with little chin stripes then mustache-less goatee to goatee and then finally full beard.  (looking back, I should have just done beard all along) But a couple years ago I decided to try to step up by beard game.  I was always occasionally trimming or shaving down to a mustache for giggles and after seeing some competitive beardists, I wanted to see how I fared going big.  So I did some research and this is what I found out on how to seriously BEARD.

4.  Grooming – Take care of your beard.  A healthy beard grows better, and looks better.  Why would you want a nasty beard?  Beard oils, shampoos, brushes and combs can keep your tangly mess manageable and attractive.  But do not over-groom, you do not want to dry out your mane with too much shampooing or damage your whiskers by over-brushing.  You will find your groove.

3.  Vitamins – There are specially made vitamins for beard growth, but they taste like sin.  If you can stomach then, go ahead.  I take a daily multi-vitamin for general health and it helps as well.  You may not feel like you see immediate results as beard growth feels like a slow process, but trust me, it’s working.

2.  Diet – In order to build a house, you need what a house is made out of.  Lumber, drywall, etc… If you want to grow a beard you need what hair is made out of.  Proteins and fats.  So grab those ribs, grill that steak and sauce those Buffalo wings, your face has got work to do!

1.  Patience –  This is the most important factor in bearding.  Facial hair grows at approximately 1/2 inch per month.  That’s pretty slow.  So most guys get frustrated with what they see at lack of progress and ruin what they’ve started by shaving.  DON’T.  It takes time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any epic beard!  Let it grow.

There is no miracle beard-growing secret.  If hair growth was so easy there would be no more bald men in the world.  All we can really do is help the process along with the tips mentioned above.  Happy bearding!

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