Bearding: What to Avoid

Ok, so you’ve started your beard.  You’re letting it grow, grooming it properly & you have started a diet fit for beard growth.  What do you do know to keep it nice?

1.  No touchy. 

Our hands are filthy.  Dirt, germs, harmful oils… are hands are covered with them because they are how we interact with the world.  So why would you want to get all that in your beard?  This is how 3rd rate news reports come up with fake news stories of poo in beards!  If you need to tend to your facial hair use a wide toothed comb or brush, not your hand.  And I know it’s tough, a good beard is a soft, cozy, wonderful thing we want to interact with constantly.  But for the good of everyone, try to resist.  Do NOT fiddle with your beard needlessly.  Not only can the grime from our hands harm your beard, but pulling and tugging on your beard can cause excess hair loss.  Same with over-grooming.  And especially keep other people’s dirty hands out of your beard.  I don’t care how cute she is.

Image via keepcalm-o-matic

2.  Beware the Weather.

High winds and temperatures can dry out your facial hair.  Which is a total bummer, because when your beard gets long enough to blow in the breeze, oh man, does it feel awesome.  But try to avoid these conditions, if possible.  If it’s impossible to avoid, try to keep some beard oil or conditioner handy to keep your whiskers in top shape and not dried out and wiry.

Image via flickr by Eric Harvey Brown

3.  Watch where you swim.

Pools with improperly balanced pools and mineral hot springs can do a number on your beard.  If you are going to be swimming I would suggest using a dry oil, balm or wax before entering the water.  A ‘dry oil’ or balm is similar to a regular beard oil but has bees wax or something similar in it, making it harder to wash away as you swim.  And if you’re feeling rather silly, there is even a swimming cap for beards, if you think your mane is slowing down your lap times.  (As if!)


What other tips are there for maintaining a healthy beard?  Sound off in the comments below.

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