Comic Convention Season IS NOT Over!

2015 has been a busy convention season in the Midwest, with 4 conventions under my belt so far this year, but the party is not over!  There’s still more fun to be had.

Image via Equinox Comics

This weekend is Smallville Comic Con in Hutchinson, KS and, if you’re lucky, you still have time to attend.  I, on the other hand, found out too late to be able to go.  Which is a major bummer as Katrina Law (Arrow, Spartacus) is a guest.  But now that I know about it, I can mark my calendar for next year.

The good news is everyone still has plenty of time to make plans for Kansas City Comic Con 2015.  The inaugural show is August 7-9th at Bartle Hall in the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, Missouri.  The convention will feature big name media guests like Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, the voice of Shazam & Raphael), Manu Bennett (The Hobbit trilogy, Arrow), and several guests from Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Lost Girl, creator guests like Phil Hester (Green Arrow, The Flash, Wonder Woman), James O’Barr (The Crow), Ande Parks (Daredevil, Green Arrow, Green Lantern Corps), Mike Zeck (Secret Wars, The Punisher), and several cosplay guests as well as many vendors and artists.

Image via

For being the inaugural year, I’m impressed with the level of talent KCCC is bringing in.  And the focus seems to be on the creators, which is awesome, as the comics should be the main focus of any comic convention.  The media guests (film & television) and the cosplay are always a treat, but they are add-ons in my eyes.  We would be nowhere without the comic creators who work on the books that get everything started.  So I applaud KCCC for what they’re putting together.

KCCC also offers something I have never seen at any other con, tattoos.  Ink Fusion Empire will have two tattoo artists ON SITE giving tattoos on the show floor.  Check out the tattoo page for information on how to schedule a session.

Be sure to check out the official Kansas City Comic Con website to see full guest lists (there are plenty of other notable guests I didn’t mention), buy pre-sale tickets and other convention & travel information.

I strongly recommend pre-sale tickets, especially if you are traveling.  I’ve seen half of the conventions this year sell out on multiple days, so you don’t want to chance traveling for nothing.

This looks like it will be another awesome comic convention for the Midwest, see you at Kansas City!



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