Soda Review: Americana – Huckleberry


Flavor:  Huckleberry

Brand:  Americana (Orca Beverage Inc)

Made In:  Mukilteo, Washington

I found it at:  Fort Cody Trading Post

Claim to fame:  Hand crafted, old fashioned, made with cane sugar

My thoughts:  When I pick up a soda, it’s because it has something new to offer.  I don’t go into soda shops and buy every flavor of root beer, cola and lemon-lime I find, I look for the flavors I’ve never tasted before.  So Huckleberry definitely caught my eye.  We’ve all HEARD of huckleberries (by way of Finns, Hounds, etc) but I don’t think many people outside of the Northwest United States have actually tasted them.  I’ve had ‘huckleberry’ gummies, but they tasted like… nothing really.  This soda though… FANTASTIC.  Made with actual huckleberry and elderberry extract (the berries your father smelt like) and sweetened with real cane sugar, this is a sweet soda, but not overly sweet, as the tartness of the huckleberry flavor helps create an even flavor.  Huckleberries taste very similar to blueberries, but with a tart twist.  And I’m not usually a fan of blueberries, but judging from this soda, huckleberries are right up my alley.

Final summation:  Fantastic.  Pick some up if you come across it, or order it online.

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