An Idiot, A Broad: Hell’s Half Acre

Panoramic view

We had just left Thermopolis for our long ride home and hadn’t gotten far, about 1.5 hrs into our 9 hr drive,  before I saw the signs for Hell’s Half Acre.

Half Acre
Where HHA fell on our route home

I had read about Hell’s Half Acre (probably on Roadside America) and wanted to see it, but after everything else we had seen on the trip, I had completely forgotten about it.  So it was by great chance that our route home happened to cross it’s path and that I wasn’t spacing off and missed the signs (like I did with the Buffalo Jump).


If you are interested in geology or nature, Hell’s Half Acre is definitely a must see up there with the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  Although much smaller, it displays the immense natural beauty and age of our planet through the layers and layers of centuries of sediment & rock.  Almost as if the Earth had been cut open by some massive surgeon for some deep surgery, and then left open.  IMG_1829


Erin wasn’t quite as amazed by it as I was, she’s not into nature and the planet like I am when faced with Earth’s wonders.  To her it might as well have been a pot hole.  But it truly is a jaw dropping display of nature’s power and resiliency.  Hopefully your travels in life with take you down Highway 20 & 26 in Wyoming and by Hell’s Half Acre for a visit.

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