Kansas City Comic Con 2015

The inaugural year of Kansas City Comic Con was a great success, with a plethora of top media, creator and cosplay talent, from Sean Astin & Manu Bennett to Neal Adams, James O’Barr & Jason Aaron to IBOT, Springfield Fellowship & Aaron Rabe.

Most of the conventions that I go to I spend a lot of time in panels, or rushing from booth to booth getting old books signed and new books purchased.  This time around I got to do something I don’t usually get to do, sit back, relax a little and enjoy the convention atmosphere and the jovial spirit of my fellow convention-goers.

I got to the con on opening day (Friday) and took care of my books right away, getting signatures and new books from the likes of Ande Parks, Phil Hester, Jason Aaron, Tony Moore and Jeremy Haun.  It was kind of quiet, but since it was a weekday night and the first day of a new convention’s first year I wasn’t too surprised.  I had never been to the opening day of any con, but some of the creators reassured me that the amount of foot traffic was pretty normal.  It was actually nice, it allowed me to browse the booths more casually.  This also freed me up to do more on Saturday, which saw a great boost in attendance.  All of my friends and I cosplayed, so we had plenty of time to stop for pictures, take pictures, browse vendors and people watch.  Those are all things I usually don’t have a lot of time for, but make up a big part of what makes a convention great.

Sunday was more of a lazy day, we wore just plain clothes, looked for awesome deals on books and collectibles and scoped out anything we may have missed Saturday.

Over the 3 days we stopped to chat with some favorite creators, our friend Steven K Smith of Steven K Smith Props, checked out panels like Manu Bennett, Sean Astin, Pam Grier & Rick Howland, and checked out a multitude of cosplayers from the world of comics, video games & sci fi.  All around, an awesome weekend and one of the most enjoyable cons I’ve been to.  Kudos, KCCC.

Picked Up:  Untold Tales of the Blackest Night 1 Shot, Season of the Witch #1, Southern Bastards Vol 1 & 2 TPBs, Green Arrow The Archer’s Quest (Deluxe Edition), Green Arrow City Walls, Black Lands #1

Got Signed:  Green Arrow #2: Quiver Part Two (Ande Parks), Convergence:  Green Lantern Corps #1 (Ande Parks), Constantine #18, 19, 20, 21, 23 (Jeremy Haun), El Diablo: The Haunted Horsemen TPB (Jai Nitz, Phil Hester, Ande Parks), Walking Dead #1 (Wizard World Des Moines Exclusive Variant) (Tony Moore), Ghost Rider #33, 34, 35 (Tony Moore & Jason Aaron

Check out the gallery below for cosplay and panel pictures from KCCC.  Right click to view full size.

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