My Hooded Justice costume at KCCC

My wife and I were working on our costumes for Kansas City Comic Con 2015 down to the last minute, so we never got any good pictures taken before the con, luckily there are tons of people taking pics at the con so here are a few that I have found so far.  More as I find them!

Me and Hunter S Thompson, my friend Simeon, as Apocalyptic Waldo, can be seen in the background. Image via
Myself with my group: Erin as Navi, Natalie as Scarlet Witch, Simeon as Waldo, Lakin as a satyr & Brandon as Deathstroke, along with gender bend Assassin’s Creed, Link, & Robin, and Batgirl. Image via
A picture Lakin snapped outside the convention that I posted to /r/cosplay and then somehow ended up on some site called ‘Reburn’?

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