Adventures in Traegering: Steak and Gravy


Steak n’ gravy is another dish I grew up with that (I assumed) was from my dad’s cajun ancestry.  I assumed so since sausage and rice was involved, but when I thought about it more I thought ‘Steak… brown gravy… Is it possible that this dish came from my mom’s (predominantly English) side of the family?’

So I did a little research, turns out Steak and Gravy (or Rice and Gravy; Steak, Rice & Gravy, whatever you want to call it) is indeed a southern dish.  And the recipes I found online were a little less, how should I put this?…. lazy than mine, making the gravy from scratch, with vegetables, butter, and drippings.  Next time I make this dish I may have to try it that way.  In the meantime, here’s how I’ve been preparing Steak & Gravy on the Traeger.


Start with a large aluminum Weber drip pan (or something similar)

imageAdd steak.  Traditionally round steaks are used, but there was a sale on New York strips, so I used those.  I think the original idea for the dish was a nice slow cook for the cheaper, tougher cut of beef, but you can use a ‘nicer’ cut if you wish.  How many steaks you use is up to you.  I usually use 4 so I can enjoy leftovers, but just did 2 for my wife and I this go round.  Also, the more steaks you use, the more flavor you will get in your gravy.


None of the other recipes I saw online used sausage, but growing up my family always did and that’s the way I prefer it.  So that’s what I’m going to continue to do!  It adds a lot more flavor to the dish.  For more info on the Coleman’s sausage I use, check out my recipe for Jambalaya.


Slice the sausage and add it to the pan with the steaks.


Like I mentioned previously, other recipes make their gravy from scratch, I’ve always just used a brown gravy mix.  I use two packets.  Tony’s Instant Roux works as well.

Being barefoot is recommended, but not necessary. Actually, for safety, not even recommended.

Add the gravy to your meats in the pan.


Cover with aluminum foil and cook for 30 minutes at 350.  This will get your meat nice and tender and gives lots of time to let the fats and grease (aka FLAVOR) from your steaks and sausage to infuse into your gravy, and vice versa.  Traditionally, you seer your steaks in a pan, but just for simplicity, I just cook everything together.


Next, remove the foil and crank up your heat.  This is to thicken the gravy and get some more char on your sausages.  5-10 minutes should do it.  Just be sure nothing is getting burnt up.


After that, you’re done.  Let it all cool some and pour over white rice.

Happy grilling!!!

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