General Update

Hey guys!

It’s been MONTHS!  Things have been pretty crazy for me, been busy with a new house, a new beast friend (our dog Rahzar) and some job changes, but I hope to get back into posting things again soon.

I have several new sodas I have tried, I just need to take the time to review them, so look for those in the future.  I’ve also got several months of Record Club playlist I need to post.  But the biggest news is COMIC CON news!  I am so pleased to announce that I will be covering Smallville Comic Con (it will also be my first time there!) and that my friends Brandon (aka Megustaguy), Jessica and I will be hosting at panel at Planet Comic Con (which is always a blast) as well!  I’ll also start work on this year’s cosplays, so I might be posting about those as well.

So keep your eyes peeled as I catch up on posts and as these conventions update their guests and programming!  Click on the links above for more info!

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