Planet Comicon 2016


Needless to say I had another great year at Planet Comicon.  I got to take in an evening with Kevin Smith, a great panel featuring actors from CW’s Arrowverse, some awesome panels on cosplay photography and giving back, host my own panel, meet some creators, get some books signed, and take in a lot of great cosplay.

Got signed:

Williams II – Batman/ TMNT #1-6, Green Arrow #13, 16

Ruffino – Convergence: Green Arrow #1&2, Green Lantern: Agent Orange,

Jason Aaron & Latour – Southern Bastards Vol 1, 2 & Issues 9-14

Braz – Swamp Thing #20

Sienkiewicz – Jonah Hex Origins, Rise of the Black Lanterns

Templesmith – 30 Days of Night Omnibus

I was going to get more books signed but Sienkiewicz charged $5 a book, Jeremy Haun was always busy, Amanda Conner was always gone or had a ridiculous line, & Palmiotti was nowhere to be seen.  Not complaining, just saying!


SCALPED Deluxe Edition Book Two – Signed by Jason Aaron

Check out the slideshow below for pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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