Smallville Comic Con 2016


I first learned of Smallville Comic Con last year when I saw one of my favorite creators, Ande Parks, post about it on facebook.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make it with such short notice so I was very pleased to be able to check out it this year.

Comic Conventions some in all shapes and sizes and have pros and cons to each one.  What was nice about Smallville was that you really got to check everything out.  You can really mull over all the vendor, creator and cosplay booths.  At larger conventions I have spent all day just going from one panel to the next or searching the showroom floor for certain creators to get books signed.  It was really nice to be able to just browse around with no real agenda.



There were ALL KINDS of retro TMNT toys I would love to have nabbed, if only my pockets were lined in gold.  I got to browse through lots of books too.  Finding several trades of The Boys, which I have been wanting to read, but of course, not Vol 1.  (I can never find volume 1!)  I did, however, find some issues of Green Arrow that I didn’t have and some issues of Talon, which I’ve never read, in some dollar boxes.


Another great find was a vintage Gremlins toy.  I see Gremlins toys all the time but never pick them up because they are always super pricey.  Gremlins was my favorite movie as a kid and has carried over with me into adulthood as well but I’m not going to break the bank to celebrate the fact.  But I finally found something that wasn’t reasonably priced so I picked it up.  It’s Gizmo in his car, just about to save the day!

imageBut I think the real highlight of Smallville for me was the costume contest.  I brought my Island Arrow costume from last year back out so that I could participate.  It was the first contest I had participated in at a convention, I usually just watch, but I wanted to give it a shot.  I wasn’t emotionally invested, I knew there were much more intricate costumes, it was just fun to get up on stage and display my costume.  I was really impressed with both the talent showcased and the handling of the contest itself.  I have seen much bigger conventions bomb their contests, Smallville did well at running a smooth and fair show.

It was only Smallville’s 3rd year and it’s still a pretty small convention now but I can see this convention going places in the near future.  It was a great con and I enjoyed it a lot.

Check out the slideshow below for pictures from the contest and more pics from around the showroom floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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