O Comic Con 2016

I returned to Council Bluffs, IA for the second year of O Comic Con this past Saturday.  I was very excited that Lauren Tom would be there, as she was the voice of Amy on Futurama and I could get her signature on the signed print I got last year with Billy and Maurice’s scribbles already on it.  I have never seen her at any of the other regional cons so I felt this may be my only chance and took the opportunity.  As she signed I told her how much I enjoyed Bad Santa, she informed me they are making a second one, but she won’t be in it!  Bummer.


Another continuation from last year was the climbing wall.  Last year I got a picture of my Assassin’s Creed Connor up the wall so I figured Jesse Custer could make the trek as well.  What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

Jesse Custer from Preacher on the wall

My next stop was to see Phil Hester and Ande Parks.  I knew there was a new edition of Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow run out, as I saw Ande post about it.  I had been eyeing the ‘Absolute’ edition for the last 4 or 5 cons but could never get it since it’s a larger, hardcover edition worth a hundred smackers.  Luckily the new paperback was only a quarter of that, so I gladly picked it up and Ande and Phil gladly added their signatures along with some sketches.  Unfortunately Ande did not have any copies of his Seduction of the Innocent books which I have been wanting to check out as I have enjoyed his work outside of Green Arrow like Union Station and Capote in Kansas.  But he said he should have a collected edition by Air Capital Comic Con later this year, which I hope to attend.  And Phil said he should also have a collected edition of a Gold Key team up book he has worked on by then.  Extra rad.

Krypton Comics had $0.50 boxes, where I found several books like some Future’s End one shots, Turok, Batman, Green Arrow.  I’m also such a fool for the cheapo boxes.

Other than that I took in some panels from Phil Hester, J August Richards, (who I totally forgot was on Arrow once, for shame!), saw the fella who did some voices of the Gremlins (I love Gremlins!), checked out all the vendors and cosplay happening and, of course, the costume contest, which showcased a ton of amazing local talent.  All in all a great second year for O Con, this year seemed a bit more happening than their last year, which was still good for their first year.  O Con is on it’s way to being a great convention I’ll be happy to attend every year.

Picked Up:

  • Green Arrow by Kevin Smith – Signed by Hester and Parks
  • Deathstroke Annual 2 – Signed by Hester
  • Fame – Conan O’Brien – Signed by CW Cooke
  • Future’s End Grayson One Shot
  • Future’s End Teen Titans One Shot
  • Future’s End Justice League Dark One Shot
  • Green Arrow #106
  • Turok #17 (Valiant)
  • Convergence Batman and the Outsiders #1&2

Check out the slideshow below for cosplay pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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