Planet Comicon 2017


2017 marked my 4th time to Planet Comicon and it still offered just as many thrills as previous years.  To start the weekend off, my pal Brandon and I hosted a ‘Convention Etiquette’ panel on Friday, based off of our Graphic Dudity episode of the same name/ topic.

Next on my to do list was to buy some new books and get them signed.  First up was Book 3 of the Deluxe Edition of Scalped, by Jason Aaron, a series I have thoroughly enjoyed so far.  Taking a quick look at the book as I walked away I noticed it starts at the death of General Custer.  PERFECT.

Next up was Gold Key Alliance, a book by Dynamite that teams up several characters from the now defunct Gold Key Comics into one book.  I have been looking forward to picking this up for two major reasons.  1) It was written by Phil Hester, who I have enjoyed several of his other books in the past and 2) Turok.  Turok is a totally under rated comic character and I try to read anything Turok related that I can get my hands on.  Plus, it will be interesting to familiarize myself with the other Gold Key characters like Samson, Magnus, etc.

I also happened upon Beejay Hawn, who I had spoken to at Smallville Comic Con last year, due to our shared interest in Ninja Turtles.  I chatted with her again while my wife got a caricature drawn at the booth next to Beejay’s and decided to pick a copy of her TMNT fan comic since it featured Rat King, who I was dressed as.  Awesome art!


On Saturday I got to add another Futurama voice actor signature to my collection, as John DiMaggio was at Planet this year.  ‘Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!’ he wrote and mentioned ‘Now all you need is Phil and Katey!’  Well, Phil will be at Denver this year…


I missed the ‘DC Comics TV: From Page to Screen’ panel Saturday due to the panel being pushed back 30 minutes which caused a schedule conflict but I did get to see the TMNT panel with Kevin Eastman Sunday.  It was extremely humbling to be able to see one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creators in person and hear his stories.  TMNT has been a big part of my childhood and adulthood so it was a great experience.


All in all, another fun year at Planet.  I wish I would have made it to more panels and perused the vendors and artist alley more but… hey.  It’s a crazy time.  There’s no way to take it all in.

Cosplay pictures and panel videos should follow soon on

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