Soda Review: Georgia Peach 🍑 Coca Cola

Flavor:  Georgia Peach Cola

Brand:  Coca Cola

Made In:  Atlanta (I assume, bottle didn’t say)

I found it at:  Some shop in the Old Market in Omaha

Claim to fame:  It’s Coke. Cane sugar

My thoughts:  When it comes to the age old Coke V Pepsi battle, I’m a Coke guy through and through, and there’s also nothing I love more than a good Peach soda. But to be honest, the two don’t seem like a match in my head. When I saw the bottle though, I had to pick one up. When I popped the cap, I got that distinctive Coke aroma. But when I took the first sip, I got a grade A peach flavor, followed by that Classic Coke aftertaste. I never thought it was possible, but the two flavors are a perfect marriage.

Final summation:  It’s awesome. When the 12 oz were gone, I was definitely wanting more.

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