About Me


Hi, I’m Josh.

I was brought onto this Earth in 1984, a great year for humanity (TMNT, Gremlins, etc), and was raised on a farm in Stratton, NE.  I am now located in Kearney and enjoying every minute of life.

I am a: musician, cinephile, history buff, writer, husband, award winning beardist, soda connoisseur, wanderlust king and occupant of planet Earth, among other things.

I like:  Aside from the things mentioned above I like riding my bike while jamming to Chunk, No Captain Chunk, riding in my Jeep with my classy lady while jamming Transit, skateboarding, comic books, nature, good humored people and any new experience.

Pet peeves:  Slack jawed people, when someone calls the male gender a ‘species’, uptight people, grammar nazis

You can get most of my music for free at bandcamp:

This Is Whispering Easycore

Dead Names – Metalcore

The Hands Automaton – Everything rock

There’s a Better Fire – Southern Metalcore

And feel free to check out my Youtube channel or Vine

I don’t use twitter or hipstagram


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